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October 16th to October 21st 2024

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About the Retreat 
Kauai, Hawaii

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome to Kauai October 16th

Arrive at Kauai and transfer to the luxurious resort.
Welcome orientation and introductions to fellow adventurers.
Optional evening yoga session to unwind and set the tone for the retreat.
Group dinner at the resort restaurant, featuring locally inspired cuisine.
Day 2: Coastal Adventure and Kayaking

Morning yoga session for those interested.
Coastal hike along the stunning Na Pali Coast, with breathtaking views.
Afternoon kayaking excursion, exploring sea caves and enjoying the crystal-clear waters.
Optional evening yoga session for relaxation.
Dinner at a local restaurant to savor Kauai's diverse culinary delights.
Day 3: Waterfall Hike and Horseback Riding

Optional morning yoga session with the sound of nature as your backdrop.
Guided hike to discover hidden waterfalls and lush landscapes.
Afternoon horseback riding adventure through scenic trails.
Leisure time at the resort's amenities or optional spa services.
Group dinner featuring a fusion of local and international flavors.
Day 4: Beach Day and Snorkeling

Morning yoga session to start the day with serenity.
Relaxation day at one of Kauai's pristine beaches.
Optional snorkeling adventure to explore vibrant marine life.
Extended free afternoon for personal exploration or leisure at the resort.
Optional evening yoga session to wind down.
Group dinner at the resort or choose to explore a local dining spot.
Day 5: Cultural Experience and Luau

Morning yoga session for inner peace.
Cultural excursion to explore Kauai's rich history and traditions.
Free afternoon for personal activities, relaxation, or optional adventures.
Optional evening yoga session.
Farewell luau dinner featuring traditional Hawaiian cuisine and entertainment.
Day 6: Farewell and Departure October 21

Final morning yoga session to reflect on the journey.
Extended leisure time for last-minute activities or relaxation.
Farewell brunch to share memories and exchange contacts.
Check-out from the resort and transfer to the airport.
Note: The schedule emphasizes flexibility, providing extended free time on certain days for participants to choose activities based on personal preferences. Optional morning and evening yoga sessions are available, allowing for a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation.

Your Retreat Hosts

Olivia Logue & Katy Fay

Meet Olivia and Katy, two accomplished 500-hour yoga teachers each bringing a unique blend of expertise to enhance your wellness journey.

Olivia: Holistic Health Coach and Nutrition Expert
Olivia is not just a yoga teacher; she is a holistic health coach and nutrition expert. Her passion for fostering well-being extends beyond the mat. With a deep love for travel and a keen interest in creating vibrant communities, Olivia brings a holistic approach to her teachings. Join her in exploring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and embark on a transformative journey toward better health and balance.

Katy: Movement Specialist and Nature Enthusiast
Meet Katy, a dedicated 500-hour yoga teacher and movement specialist. Beyond the yoga studio, Katy finds joy in adventures in nature and is devoted to helping individuals reconnect with their bodies. Through her teachings, Katy seamlessly blends the beauty of movement with the tranquility of nature. Join her sessions to rediscover the joy of physical expression, build strength, and establish a profound connection with your body.

Together, Olivia and Katy form a dynamic duo, ready to guide you on a holistic wellness experience that goes beyond traditional yoga instruction. Immerse yourself in their expertise, and let their passion for well-being inspire and elevate your yoga journey

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Turtle in the Reef
Turtle in the Reef

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Lisa D. 

Empowering, regained my centeredness and peace. Wonderful group of women. a very tasty, organic hot tea was offered I need more! 

Lori F. 

The Mother’s Day event was well planned out. The hike was peaceful. The yoga was relaxing. The guided journaling was thoughtful. The snacks, wine and chocolate was delicious and fun. The whole experience was supportive and uplifting. A great way to spend the afternoon.

Julie R. 

Having amazing experiences at Sun & Moon, building bonds with others and finding peace within.

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Terms & Conditions

Explore Kauai Retreat Terms and Conditions for The Radiance Retreat
By securing a ticket for The Radiance Retreat - Explore Kauai, you affirm your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1. No Refunds Policy:

All ticket sales are final, and no refunds will be granted under any circumstances.
2. Ticket Transfer Policy:

Tickets are transferable to another participant. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to another individual. Please notify us at least [X days/weeks] before the event with the details of the new participant.
3. Responsibility for Transportation:

Each participant is responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the retreat space in Kauai. The Radiance Retreat does not provide transportation services.
4. Changes to Participants:

If you need to transfer your ticket to another participant, please inform us in writing at [contact email] with the full details of the new participant. Changes must be communicated at least [X days/weeks] before the event.
5. Event Modifications:

The Radiance Retreat reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, program, or any aspect of the event without prior notice. We will make reasonable efforts to notify participants of any significant changes.
6. Liability Waiver:

Participation in The Radiance Retreat is at your own risk. The organizers, instructors, and venue owners are not liable for any injuries, damages, losses, or other liabilities incurred during the event.
7. Photography and Videography:

By attending The Radiance Retreat, you consent to be photographed or filmed for promotional purposes. The organizers reserve the right to use these images or recordings without further approval.
8. Code of Conduct:

Participants are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes a positive and respectful environment. The Radiance Retreat reserves the right to remove any participant who violates this code without issuing a refund.
By purchasing a ticket for The Radiance Retreat, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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