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A Place Where Community is Made

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Community for the Soul

Sun & Moon Studios was born from a spark in 2018, ignited during a conversation amidst a picturesque hike. This flame birthed a vision—a vision to cultivate a wellness-centric community in Columbia County. Our foundation rests on the belief that wellness extends beyond fitness; it encompasses nutrition, emotional support, nurturing friendships, and championing woman-powered businesses.

At Sun & Moon Studios, our aspiration is to be catalysts within our community, providing easy access to holistic wellness. We aim to create a haven where we can gather, fostering a nurturing space through wellness-focused classes in Yoga, Barre, and Strength. What sets us apart is our commitment to curate a boutique experience, a unique offering that's a first in our community. Additionally, our vision extends beyond our studio walls—we plan to organize monthly adventure experiences within and around Columbia County.

With boundless enthusiasm in our hearts, we eagerly anticipate the growth of our business alongside the blossoming of our community. Together, let's embark on an extraordinary journey of holistic well-being, empowerment, and limitless possibilities at Sun & Moon Studios.

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